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Topical News Items

Topical News Items

This site is dedicated to all those who sense that there is a greater authority than any king, prime minister, president, dictator or any other form of government – an authority to whom we must all answer one day.

Our aim is twofold:

  1. To bring a Christian perspective into topical events and news items
  2. To express kernels of Christian principles and values.

Topical Events

In commenting about news items, our aim is to demonstrate the very practical relevance of Christian truth to everyday events that affect all our lives in one way or another.

New posts will be added whenever they are appropriate to what is happening in the world but we typically expect this to average 3 or 4 a month.

Christian Principles

Regarding Christian principles and values, each of these entries is a very brief synopsis of a message delivered in our local church. The aim is, in just a few sentences, to distil out the essential truths preached from God’s Word (the bible).

In most cases, the full message is available on CD for those who attend the church. In fewer cases, preachers have granted permission to publish their messages on the Internet, so if you wish to hear a full message and don’t live in the locality, drop us an email and if we have permission to do so, we’ll make it available to you as an MP3 file.

“Light of Life” – About our Header

On top of Billinge Hill – which is the highest point in the area – there’s a beacon, supposedly built as one of a line of beacons to spread news of the Spanish Armada. More recently it was used as an observation post during the second world war for spotting raids on Liverpool.

The beacon was built to warn of impending danger and call people to action.

The church is God’s beacon calling people to repent now and seek God’s favour.